Moongose connection error with Mongodb Atlas

Hi team,

I am currently trying to use mongodb with nodejs and keep on getting MongoParseError: Load balancer mode requires driver version 4+ error. For testing purpose, the DB is open to world and still this is not connecting.

Any help here?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Security_Labs !

Based on the error message it sounds like you are trying to connect to an Atlas Serverless instance using an older version of the Node.js driver. For Atlas Serverless you will need a minimum of Node.js 4.1.0 driver (see Minimum Driver Versions for Serverless Instances). Since the title of your topic mentions Mongoose, you will also need Mongoose 6.0 or newer (which depends on the 4.1.x MongoDB Node.js driver).

If you aren’t using Atlas Serverless, please provide some more information including:

  • version of Node.js
  • version of MongoDB Node.js driver
  • version of Mongoose
  • tier of your Atlas cluster (eg M0, M10, …)



Hey All,

I am also getting the same error, while connecting to Serverless instance, I had just shifted from M10 dedicated cluster to Serverless instance, I am able to connect with both the instance to get dump from M10 cluster and restore in serverless instance, But when I am connecting to server less instance from my node application, I am getting the same error,

Can someone please explain to me what exactly, the below statement means

Atlas Serverless you will need a minimum of Node.js 4.1.0 driver

Do I need to update my NodeJs version, Mongoose Js version, Or anything else,