Mongotranslate and mongodrdl

Hi there
Im a bi analyst, new to working with MongoDb’s. I’m using Mongo connector for bi (mongodrdl) to connect my DB to Tableau, and wanted to learn how can i aggregate my data in the schema file. I’ve tried using mongotranslate, but i cant find it’s location. i get the error “mongotranslate is not recognized as an internal or external command”.

my command was:

mongotranslate “select * from groceries.fruits where _id >100;”\ --schema schema.drdl

Is any one here familiar with Mongo connector for bi? please help

Welcome to the community @11132

Is the program installed on your pc?
Can you run that command using full path of exe
Could be path issue

Please check these links

I actually cant find the exe, serched in the “Mongo connector for BI” path, but only found “mongodrdl” and “mongosqld”
Where could it be?

What is your OS?
It should be under bin where you found other executables
Did you try to search/find

My OS is Windows 10 x64
In bin i have : “mongodrdl” and “mongosqld”, but no sign for “mongotranslate” .
Tried to reinstall the connector,