Mongotop improvements

Hi. I want to suggest a couple of improvements for mongotop.

  • count output in a grid view. Now only time is supported. Could be implemented with a command line flag
  • limit the number of rows in a grid view with a command line flag (now 10 is hardcoded)
  • pretty print of JSON (by flag)
  • rename parameter rowcount to itercount
  • date pretty print, something more human-readable than ISO format
  • collect more granular stats from the top command. Now we only collect total and locks, while we can insert, remove, update, etc.

I could implement them if the improvements are considered ok.

Hi @weastur welcome to the community!

I think you have interesting suggestions here. However I would like to mention that for product suggestions, we have the MongoDB Feedback Engine where all ideas are collected. The development team monitors this, and you can also vote for improvements that you think deserve to be in the product.

Please, if you don’t mind, could you describe the ideas in the Feedback Engine? :slight_smile:

Best regards

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