Mongosync replication - NonEmptyDestination Error


I’m setting up a cluster to cluster sync between to 7.0.8 clusters. When starting the sync I’m getting the error:

{“success”:false,“error”:“NonEmptyDestinationCluster”,“errorDescription”:“Found existing data on the destination cluster. The destination cluster must be empty. Drop existing data on the destination and start the migration again.”}

The destination cluster is a basic setup with only the dbs:

rs0 [direct: primary] test> show dbs
admin 172.00 KiB
config 192.00 KiB
local 988.00 KiB

The source cluster’s databases are:

rs0 [direct: secondary] test> show dbs
PSW 24.00 KiB
admin 172.00 KiB
config 276.00 KiB
local 996.00 KiB

Not sure why I’m getting this error.

Thank you in advance for your help