Mongosync 1.8.0 Info/Release Date?

I’m just wondering if there’s any additional details available about what changes will be included in mongosync 1.8.0? I noticed this mongosync documentation PR (DOCSP-29501-time-series by jason-price-mongodb · Pull Request #158 · mongodb/docs-cluster-to-cluster-sync · GitHub) that seems to indicate mongosync 1.8.0 will have the ability to handle time-series collections. Is there a rough ETA for when 1.8.0 might be available?

Thanks Sean, I was just about to post and then I saw your post. I just transitioned one of my larger collections to a time-series collection, then I saw the bright and shiny toy called mongosync, tried it out…and wondered where my new time-series was on the target…and then it hit me. Fingers crossed on 1.8!