MongoStat reports replica set members as SLV and SEC

I have a 2 member replica set, no arbiter. Currently replica set status shows “Primary” on one node, and “secondary” on the other. So this is expected, and the replica set operations are as expected.
I ran mongostat on the replica set, and under the variable “repl”, I see “SEC” for the secondary node, and “SLV” for the primary. I would expect that to be “M” for Master. Can anyone explain this behavior? It is windows, ugh, so that maybe something, but Im running 7.0 so its fully up to date.
Additional info is, that Primary is set to priority 1, and votes 1, and Secondary is priority 0, and votes 0.

Looks like a bug. is the place to create an issue with minimal reproduction steps.

SLV dates back to v3.6 and earlier where Master/Slave configurations could be created.