MongoSQLd multiple servers

For different systems that we have, there are more than one mongodb server setup for Q&A purposes. I want to be able to access them in Power BI. I have successfully configured the BI Connector, mongosqld command line parameter, the ODBC driver and connection, and been able to connect to the server that I had provided on the mongosqld command line.

I wanted to know if it is possible for the mongosqld to connect to more than one server at a time, or if there is another way to do this? Right now, I can have a different batch file to execute on my local windows computer to establish the connection, though it would be ideal if I can have both servers connected at the same time to use in my reporting.

You can ignore this. We are using a free version of mongodb, possibly the community version, so the ability to connect to multiple of those database servers at the same time is not an option. If we decide to migrate to atlas servers, I believe we would be able to do it, though not sure how that would work.

I chatted with a mongodb respresentative named Christopher who was very helpful. I replied to my post so that perhaps it may be helpful to someone else in the future.

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