Mongosqld connection using Docker

Hello Community!
I’m new in mongo DB and I need to create a docker contain with mongosqld.

I already create the image and the container but when I enter in the /bin folder of my container to run ./mongosqld I get this error:

2023-06-19T06:57:53.781+0000 I CONTROL    [initandlisten] mongosqld starting: version=v2.14.6 pid=565 host=ee723ee4e963
2023-06-19T06:57:53.781+0000 I CONTROL    [initandlisten] git version: b6e21751dfb4d1283390f265da835dfd79eadb51
2023-06-19T06:57:53.781+0000 I CONTROL    [initandlisten] OpenSSL version OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013 (built with OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013)                                                                                                  , auth: {username: "gru
2023-06-19T06:57:53.781+0000 I CONTROL    [initandlisten] options: {systemLog: {path: "/tmp/mongotest.log"}, net: {bindIp: []}, security: {enabled: true}, mongodb: {net: {uri: "mongodb://", auth: {username: "grupo3", password: "<protected>"}}}}
2023-06-19T06:57:53.819+0000 I NETWORK    [initandlisten] waiting for connections at [::]:3307
2023-06-19T06:57:53.819+0000 I NETWORK    [initandlisten] waiting for connections at /tmp/mysql.sock                                                                                                                                               current topology: { Typ
2023-06-19T06:57:58.827+0000 E NETWORK    [initandlisten] unable to load MongoDB information: failed to create admin session for loading server cluster information: unable to execute command: server selection error: context deadline exceeded, ) socket was unexpected
current topology: { Type: Unknown, Servers: [{ Addr:, Type: Unknown, Average RTT: 0, Last error: connection() error occured during connection handshake: connection([-14]) socket was unexpectedly closed: EOF }, ] }

I’m running this code to connent to mongodb:

/opt/mongo/mongobi/bin/mongosqld --logPath=/tmp/mongotest.log --mongo-uri=mongodb:// --addr= --mongo-ssl --auth  --mongo-username=xxx --mongo-password=xxx

Anyone can help me on this? Thank you so much