Mongosh telemetry data?

Is there any way to see what data is being sent from mongosh for telemetry? I recently had a developer ask me about enabling/disabling telemetry, and I’m hoping to find some more information about this.

We use self-hosted MongoDB, not Atlas, if that makes a difference.

Current Mongosh Log ID: <redacted>
Connecting to:    mongodb://<redacted>:27017/<redacted>?directConnection=true
Using MongoDB:      4.2.15
Using Mongosh Beta: 0.9.0

For mongosh info see:

To help improve our products, anonymous usage data is collected and sent to MongoDB periodically (
You can opt-out by running the disableTelemetry() command.

<redacted> [direct: primary]>

The linked Privacy Policy didn’t really answer any telemetry-specific questions that I could see.

Brian Reavey

Hi @brianpatrickreavey.

All the code for mongosh is open source so you can definitely see what telemetry we collect. The telemetry and logging code is all centralized in this file: mongosh/setup-logger-and-telemetry.ts at daa9194692c39d03b5e606ae55edeff953e22d5d · mongodb-js/mongosh · GitHub.

As a high level summary, we currently collect:

  • the type of server a user connects to, e.g. Atlas or EA
  • the server version
  • the auth type (e.g. LDAP, Kerberos)
  • the version of the shell that is being used
  • use of deprecated methods

All the information we collect is anonymous. When the shell is run for the first time, we assign a randomly generated userId and we use that to record telemetry.

We use this info to understand how users are using the shell and MongoDB and improve the user experience with our products.


Thanks, that is very helpful! With the server version, are the hostnames/connection string shared as well?

No, host names and connection strings are not collected.

Great! I’ve looked through the code with one of our engineers as you suggested as well. Really appreciate the confirmation that we were reading it right.

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