Mongosh not connecting

Hey, I need help with starting a mongodb data base, I’m on Windows and After installation, the mongo shell doesn’t start at all, same for mongod here are the errors I get when I run them on the terminal:

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It seems like you might have the default auto-started mongod instance running, which uses the default <install directory>\bin\mongod.cfg file. To resolve this, you can stop this instance and then restart it. You can find detailed instructions in the MongoDB installation guide documentation.

Additionally, you might find some helpful insights in a similar thread here: Issues With MongoDB storage (9001 already in use) - Stack Overflow

If the problem persists, please feel free to reach out.

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Hey Kushagra, When I open windows services console I find that MongoDB service is stopped but I can’t get it to start here’s the error I get:

I tried the solutions mentioned in that similar stack overflow post but those commands didn’t work

Check mongod.log.It will show more details on why it is failing
Did you try to rebot your system?Since it is configured to start auto it should come up after a reboot

Hey, I fixed the issue, it was node using the default port in the background, once I killed it’s process and ran mongod, the shell connected normally, thanks for the help.