MongoSecurityException: Exception authenticating

Hi Team,

Facing issues with MongoSecurityException while trying to connect with mongo server using URI,

OUT Caused by: com.mongodb.MongoCommandException: Command failed with error 18 (AuthenticationFailed): ‘Authentication failed.’ on server The full response is {“operationTime”: {“$timestamp”: {“t”: 1699540154, “i”: 3}}, “ok”: 0.0, “errmsg”: “Authentication failed.”, “code”: 18, “codeName”: “AuthenticationFailed”, “$clusterTime”: {“clusterTime”: {“$timestamp”: {“t”: 1699540154, “i”: 3}}, “signature”: {“hash”: {“$binary”: {“base64”: “ku5ln3lnoCXXJLeYf1oCNY8YITc=”, “subType”: “00”}}, “keyId”: 7257649162848567298}}}

in the :



when i compile the commande: cf env appName , the uri change each time (username and password)

Thanks in advance!!