Mongorestore: write to oplog failed

Hi, I did a mongodump from Atlas and wanted to do a mongorestore to my local database for testing. One of the collections threw this error:

2021-07-27T18:13:16.100+0800    checking for collection data in back-2021-07-27-17-48-51\meteor\PracticeDB.bson
2021-07-27T18:13:16.160+0800    reading metadata for meteor.PracticeDB from back-2021-07-27-17-48-51\meteor\PracticeDB.metadata.json
2021-07-27T18:13:16.166+0800    restoring meteor.PracticeDB from back-2021-07-27-17-48-51\meteor\PracticeDB.bson
2021-07-27T18:13:18.044+0800    terminating read on meteor.PracticeDB
2021-07-27T18:13:18.757+0800    finished restoring meteor.PracticeDB (5014 documents, 3 failures)
2021-07-27T18:13:18.757+0800    Failed: meteor.PracticeDB: error restoring from back-2021-07-27-17-48-51\meteor\PracticeDB.bson: bulk write error: [{[{write to oplog failed: BadValue: object to insert exceeds cappedMaxSize}]}, {<nil>}]
2021-07-27T18:13:18.757+0800    5014 document(s) restored successfully. 3 document(s) failed to restore.

Does anyone know what the cappedMaxSize refers to and what can be done to resolve this issue? I have spoken to Mongo helpdesk and each time they point me to different things; first it was my oplog size, second it was my collection, but I’m wondering if some of my documents are over 16MB.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!