Mongorestore with --db and --restoreDbUsersAndRoles gives warning


This is my mongodump command:
mongodump --uri “mongodb://root:@/?authSource=admin” --db=<db_name> --dumpDbUsersAndRoles --gzip --archive > <filename.gz>

I’m using the following mongorestore command:

mongorestore --host <> --port <> --username=root --password=<> --authenticationDatabase=admin
–nsInclude=testDB.* --gzip --archive=<filename.gz> --db=testDB --restoreDbUsersAndRoles

However, I’m encountering the following warning:
The --db and --collection flags are deprecated for this use-case; please use --nsInclude instead, i.e., with --nsInclude=${DATABASE}.${COLLECTION}.

In this command, I need to restore both the ‘testDB’ database and the ‘testUser’ user as part of the restore process. The ‘testUser’ is created with in the ‘testDB’ database.

Is there any specific advice you have on how to address this warning and proceed with the restoration of both the database and the user? Your guidance would be appreciated.