Mongorestore not finishing (tempusers)

Hi all,

Would appreciate any help here (MongoDB version 4.2.11.

I am running a mongorestore with the following simple string:

mongorestore -u auser --password apassword --gzip --archive=replica_set_0.gz --oplogReplay

All works well and all my users collections and databases are restored OK . However, after the last one has finished restoring, I see the following message:

2020-12-01T18:12:06.749+0200 admin.tempusers 15.0KB

This just keeps going on and the restore does not finish causing be to cancel the restore.

The main issue that I have is that apart from this being puzzling that the oplog has probably not been replayed.

Has anyone else come across this, and /or I am just missing something.



Hi @John_Clark,

Just wanted to double check if you’ve used --oplog option while making this dump that you’re trying to restore.

Hi Viraj,

Yes we did.



Hi @John_Clark,

Are you still having this problem? It sounds like mongorestore is hanging when restoring admin.users into admin.tempusers. It’s difficult to say what could be causing that without seeing more of the output. Can you share more? Also running the command with -vvvvv will increase the output verbosity.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks very much for the response. The restore did essentially work and I have not needed to do a similar one since. It was odd, but I will be sure to add the -vvvvv option next time. Hopefully it will not happen again but if it does and I cannot work it out, I will give you a ping

Best regards