Mongoose version upgrade

My vue js and node js based microservice application uses mongodb version- 5.0 currently. The mongoose version is defined in package.json- mongoose": “^5.13.14”.
The database required to be upgraded to version to 6.0. Accordingly I need to upgrade mongoose to compatible version of 6.5.0. or 7.0.0. Pease let me know if there any more changes required from application point of view

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Hello @vibhuti_sharan,

You can read the version compatibility and the migration guide of Mongoose version 6.

Similarly read the release notes and upgrade to version 6 guide of MongoDB.

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Hello, thank you for sharing.
Weirdly, the upgraded mongodb version- ```6.0.14-11’ is working with existing mongoose": “^5.13.14”. Not sure how the application is picking the version.`

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Hi @vibhuti_sharan,

The compatibility depends on available features, modules, functions, or methods, of a particular library Mongoose, so you have to check the migration guide, and what they have upgraded/changed because of the dependency on MongoDB’s new version. If you find anything related to your implemented features in your code then you can update otherwise it is ok.