Mongoid 8 slow insertions?

We are testing Mongoid 8.0.3 using MongoDB 6 Community. We noticed that database insertions using rspec are happening multitudes slower. It’s really odd. The older version Mongoid 7.5 inserts 150 records in 0.550355 seconds but Mongoid 8.0.3 would take over 2 seconds.
QueryCache is disabled in both cases.
Anyone else noticing this issue?

Hi netwire,

This sounds very serious! We’ll try to reproduce the issue; it would be helpful if you can provide us with some additional info:

  • What is your deployment setup - standalone, replica set, sharded cluster?
  • Is it possible to provide us with some code snippets of your tests? Or can you describe operations that are now slower?
  • How do you measure the query duration?