Mongodump error

When try to do a simple dump, occurs a error bellow:

command: mongodump --uri “mongodb+srv://”

exception: Failed: error writing data for collection sample_supplies.sales to disk: error reading collection: Failed to parse: { find: “sales”, skip: 0, snapshot: true, $db: “sample_supplies” }. Unrecognized field ‘snapshot’.

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Solution found in the web:

Add --forceTableScan.

$ mongodump --forceTableScan --uri “mongodb+srv://”


Hi @Thiago_Hernandes welcome to the community!

Glad to see that you have solved the issue. However I’d like to point out that the cause of the error is due to the outdated mongodump binary you have installed.

I would recommend you to install a current version of database tools to prevent other issues.

Best regards


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