Mongodump authorization error on MongoDB 7.0.0

I am trying to dump my db but am getting the following error:

2023-08-21T09:18:15.777+0100	Failed: error creating intents to dump: error creating intents for database config: error getting collections for database `config`: (Unauthorized) not authorized on config to execute command { listCollections: 1, filter: {}, cursor: {}, lsid: { id: UUID("5552942c-94f3-4c0b-ac87-63c67b236814") }, $db: "config" }

Reading this post it seems like this can be caused by my mongodump version not being compatible with my db version (7.0.0). My mongodump version is 100.8.0 the latest, which in its own docs only advertises support up to db 6.0. How can I dump my db?

it seems is’n’t not compatible with version 7.0 or at least this is what the official documention said:

please, if you find something else, share with me to my email:


  1. Try mongodump without authorisation (If mongodump version issues it will not dump the documents)

  2. If without authorisation it’s work create other user and provide root permission

  3. Last restart machine

Thanks @Bhavya_Bhatt! I see that the installation docs for the Database Tools now do say that MongoDB 7.0 is supported. Could it be that the docs linked by @Josh_Kirk have not been updated to reflect this change?

I opened an issue with MongoDB, it seems to be a docs issue. You can follow it here

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