MongODM: New Open Source Cross-Language MongoDB ODM

Hello :four_leaf_clover: family, I’m happy and excited to share with you my new #opensource project: MongODM :star_struck:.

What is MongODM ? :thinking:

A cross-Language MongoDB ODM ! Say goodbye to language barriers and embrace the future of MongoDB development with MongODM. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Node.js, Golang, and Deno to empowers developers building robust and scalable applications with ease.

MongODM Features :fire:

  • Cross-Language Compatibility
  • Object-Document Mapping
  • Schema Validation and Enforced Structure
  • Middleware and Hooks
  • Query Building and Population
  • Caching and Performance Optimization
  • Robust Validation and Error Handling

And more exciting features that will be unveiled in the near future, taking MongODM to even greater heights.

Interested in learning more about the MongODM, feel free to visit the draft #1 landing page (don’t judge the design :hugs:) : :link:

Next Steps ? :hugs:

If you’re interested in becoming a #contributor or staying informed about the latest developments, you can join us and be a part of this exciting #revolution! Just send an email to or DM me. We look forward to having you on board! :fire:

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