MongoDB World Status?

Are any considerations being given to postpone or change the date for the MongoDB World Conference? I ask because a majority of major events are starting to be canceled (latest being Google I/O) due to concerns of the Coronavirus spreading to the US.

Stealing the headline of an article:
’ Coronavirus Update: Google I/O, Facebook F8 and more 2020 tech conference cancellations and travel bans

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads, tech conferences are being canceled, postponed, or turned into virtual events. Tech companies are also restricting employee travel.’


Due to this insecurity I delay my fight booking from Germany to NYC.
I assume that no one knows the facts right now.
Just looking at the numbers, I almost made my decision that I have to skip MDBW20


Add SxSW to the list of cancelled events.

In light of global precautions around the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and in alignment with the recommendations laid out by the CDC, WHO, and other relevant entities, we are reinventing our global annual user conference. MongoDB World 2020 is now, and will take place online on May 4th and 5th.

Please see for more information including answers to Frequently Asked Questions (such as what happens if you have already purchased a pass).



Thank you for the update!

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