MongoDB with Microsoft Failover Cluster


can anyone answer my question? I want to use the mongodb with Microsoft Failover Cluster. Just like we can use MS Sql and other services on MS Failover Cluster. can we implement it ? if yes then what are the steps?


Welcome to the community @Imran_Ali!

I’m not aware of any specific configuration or integration with Microsoft Failover Cluster. However, MongoDB is designed as a distributed database and has built-in failover support via replica sets.

A properly configured replica set provides data redundancy and fault tolerance. MongoDB clients/drivers monitor replica set configuration and state changes, and can automatically recover from transient events like failover to a new primary or addition/removal of replica set members.

For more information, start with Replication and Replica Set Deployment Architectures in the MongoDB manual. For further learning, check out the free online courses at MongoDB University and the MongoDB for DBAs Learning Path.