MongoDB with C# Driver + ML.Net

Since CAIDP has requested a halt to ChatGPT research for the time being, I’m moving further over to ML.NET and using the C# driver with MongoDB 6.0.

For anyone also looking into similar research and development projects, you’re going to need 6.0 because it’s the only one that can handle full-support for time-series data, as well as expansions to JSON, geo indexes, deeper aggregations with the $lookup, and the point in time analytics. Not many databases can do this outside of the 6.0, so if you’d like to follow along with this stuff I’ll be posting some papers for how some of this stuff can be implemented.

I’m also looking for ways/projects that Realm/Device Sync with C# SDK could survive, but so far everything I’ve pushed seems to need an on-premise infrastructure to keep up. But I will retry with Atlas at a later date, but probably will wait until MongoDB 7 comes out on Atlas before doing that. As well as hopefully cluster to cluster connectivity so you can connect one Atlas to another Atlas in the same project more easily, or different project. Hopefully they implement that as I’ve hoped for the last almost 3 years they’d do it.

Which would make it easier for Realm/Device Sync, too… Just saying…

Main focus of apps will be centered around real estate, automotive, and banking transactions and evaluations and determining geographic differences over spans of time.

Then other angle will be calculating and determining animal populations, migrations, and changes.

CAIDPs representative stated that this is totally fine, they just don’t want anyone messing with ChatGPT for the time being.

I’ll publish my findings and how-to’s for these kinds of projects and features after CAIDP provides the go ahead. I’m also excited to see what some of you have done or worked on, or if there’s other projects that others have interests in for these use cases.