MongoDB VSC extension failing to save connection information


VSC 1.79
Mongodb extension 1.01

I am sure it’s just me, but I am currently struggling to have my new connection information stored, either Globally or in the Workspace with Visual Studio Code.

So, if I create a new connection and save the connection, when I start up VSC again, or perform a reload, the connection information has gone. If I rename the connection it has forgotten the rename.

I just wondered if it was just me or something had changed.

I have tried this on two different PCs and I am experiencing the same problem. I haven’t created a new connection prior to setting up the VSC again on another laptop, so I can’t identify if the change is recent, or was a couple of versions ago.

Out of interest would where would I find the connection information if stored globally/workspace.


PS - I have created a ticket on the MongoDB ticketing system on the 12/6