Mongodb version 4.4

Hi …
I am new to mongoDB, some one please suggest to me which version is better for real time projects and one more thing…
till now mongoDB 4.4 is in beta version?

is there any issues with 4.4 version?

Hi @Ganesh_ND,

MongoDB 4.4 is the latest stable/production release series and has been Generally Available (GA) since July, 2020. As with any production release series, I recommend keeping your deployments current with the latest minor/patch release. Minor releases (4.4.x) include bug fixes and improvements and do not introduce any backward-breaking data compatibility issues. The release notes include highlights and a link to the full Changelog for each release in the MongoDB Jira issue tracker.

The upcoming production release will be MongoDB 5.0, which is currently in a beta testing / Release Candidate (RC) cycle: Release Notes for MongoDB 5.0 (Release Candidate).

Per the RC release notes:

While the 5.0 release candidates are available, these versions of MongoDB are for testing purposes only and not for production use .

Once a release series is promoted to GA/stable, you’ll find it listed on the first link I shared above.