MongoDB Upgrade from 4.2 and 4.4 to 6.0

Hello, We are planning to upgrade mongdb on various servers. Few questions.

  1. Development server has windows 2012 operating system, and we can’t upgrade mongo past 4.2 correct? Looks like there is a restriction
  2. TEST and PROD has windows 2019 and current mongo version is 4.4. Planning to upgrade both to 6.0. Any known issues in latest versions?
    3.ANy issues with backups and restores?
    Please let me know. Thanks
  1. When upgrading you can’t skip major versions you have to go from 4.2 → 4.4 → 5.0 → etc.

  2. Here are the release notes for 6.0 and it will mention in a version if there are any issues that would make it not recommended for prod.

  3. Make sure to validate your application driver is compatible with the version of MongoDB you are using

  4. When you say backup and restores which technology are you referencing?

  5. Here is the page that each version of MongoDB and the OS version that is supported


I use mongodump in batch files for daily backps.

Thanks alot for your detailed reply

It that case I would look into the mongodump/restore docs as it says to restore/dump to the same major version of MongoDB.

Thank you. I was able to upgrade successfully until 5. Looka like mongo.exe is not available at 6. How do I start mongoshell with 6?

Hi @Ana

Mongosh is available from the download center, link is in the instructions below.

Thanks, appreciate it. I am able to u[grade to 6 but it is asking for driver update when I was testing application. Any help on this?

What programming language and driver are you using in your application?