MongoDB Upgrade 4.2 to 6.0

Our application supports MongoDB version 4.2. We are using Java driver version 3.12. We want to upgrade to MongoDB 6.0, but our application supports mongodb 4.2 version. Can it be enough to update the java driver version to at least 4.7 to upgrade to Mongodb version 6.0?

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When upgrading, it’s important to note that you don’t skip major versions. You should follow the upgrade path from 4.2 → 4.4 then to 5.0 and so on. You can find more details about the upgrade process in the MongoDB documentation: Upgrade Replica Set to 6.0.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, it’s recommended to review the release notes for version 6.0. These release notes will provide information on any issues that might make the new version not suitable for your production use. You can find the release notes here: MongoDB 6.0 Release Notes.

To ensure that your application’s driver is compatible with the version of MongoDB you are planning to use. You can check driver compatibility in the MongoDB documentation: Java - Driver Compatibility Reference.

Also, make sure to review the page that lists each version of MongoDB and the supported OS versions. This will ensure that your chosen OS is compatible with the MongoDB version you intend to use: Platform Support Matrix.

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