MongoDB Unofficial Discord

MongoDB Unofficial Discord

I have started a discord for MongoDB for quicker help. We stand at 644 members at the time of writing, and I’ve decided to put it here so it’s more accessible to those who wish to get help faster than they may do on the forums, but also an easier way of getting help with any MongoDB service.

In short: Faster support, easier and active.

To join, click here. If that doesn’t work for you click the link bellow:

Hello @david_denwood
good to see again that MongoDB has an impact. As an independent Consultant I became more and more addicted over the last 8 years I am working with MongoDB. The Community choose me and several others as MongoDB Champions. We are passionate folks not employed by MongoDB trying to help other users to ramp up or support on expert questions. You will find constantly some of us online in all timezones. In other words questions will be read and most likely answered in a quick turnaround.
The major part of support is MongoDB itself they have experts in this forum 7/24/365 who can deal with all kind of questions. These are very knowledgeable and experienced employees in all roles at MongoDB. Another reason why I like to put my questions here. They make sure that questions are answered and have an eye on quality.
I agree that only one source of information is generally not optimal, so diversity is not bad (there are big clusters also on stackoverflow and redis) On the other site getting a fast well supported forum faster with combined forces is not bad either.
Personally I will stick to this forum and be also occasionally on stackoverflow. I wish you best of luck for you new forum and if you or others might be happy to grew with you community engagement and want to join the group of MongoDB Champions here - please reach out via DM, I’d be happy to provide further details how to get nominated.


Thanks for your response to this. Unfortunately, I (personally) wouldn’t be interested in becoming part of “MongoDB Champions”. However, we’d love for more talented individuals like yourself and others on this server.

I understand this may not be for you and you can stay with the forums, but it’s always open if you ever want to join.