MongoDb to MySQL Migration

I am trying to migrate MongoDB to MySQL and for that, I have used some Python scripts.

The challenge is MongoDb has different fields in different rows but I have a fixed table structure in MySQL, While the data is being inserted into MySQL it throws an error that the field is not present.

Is there any way to handle this or any better ways we have to migrate?

Here is my code below.

import pymongo
import pymysql
from pymongo import MongoClient

# MongoDB connection details
mongo_client = MongoClient('mongodb://')
mongo_db = mongo_client['Profile']
mongo_collection = mongo_db['users']

# MySQL connection details
mysql_host = 'localhost'
mysql_user = 'root'
mysql_password = '*****'
mysql_db = 'Profile'

# Connect to MySQL
mysql_conn = pymysql.connect(host=mysql_host, user=mysql_user, password=mysql_password, db=mysql_db)
mysql_cursor = mysql_conn.cursor()

# Query MongoDB and insert records into MySQL
mongo_data = mongo_collection.find()
for document in mongo_data:
    # Convert MongoDB _id to string for insertion into MySQL
    _id_str = str(document['_id'])
    # Set MySQL id field using MongoDB _id
    document['id'] = _id_str

    # Exclude the '_id' and 'id' fields from columns
    columns = [key for key in document.keys() if key not in ('_id', 'id')]
    values = [document.get(column, None) for column in columns]

    # Escape special characters in values using parameterized queries
    values = [str(value) for value in values]

    # Create the placeholders for the query string
    placeholders = ', '.join(['%s'] * len(columns))

    # Construct the query string
    query = f"INSERT INTO users (id, {', '.join(columns)}) VALUES (%s, {placeholders})"

    # Execute the query
    mysql_cursor.execute(query, [_id_str] + values)

# Commit and close connections