MongoDB TLS Issue

Hi i am currently using Mongo version on my private server but when using it un secure it works just fine but whenever i configure the
mode: requireTLS
certificateKeyFile: /etc/letsencrypt/live/mydomain/fullchain.pem

it stopped working and cannot be initialize I have also tested it using the cert.pem and key.pem with separate parameters resulting failure.

Any help would be grateful.

Thank you.

What is in the log? The issue will be shown there.

It is showing the error “skipping tls 1.0”

I understood this to mead mongod is not starting, if this is the case there will be more than that log line. And probably marked fatal.

If it is starting can you explain your problem in more detail.

It stop working when I give tls certificate
mode: requireTLS
certificateKeyFile: /etc/letsencrypt/live/mydomain/fullchain.pem

And give the error “skipping tls 1.0”

Kindly let me know the details you want

What specifically stops working?

Until the ‘it stops working’ is better defined I’ll assume mongod and ask for:

The logs from mongod that covers the period of the startup until your problem occurs.
Use a quote or code block when you paste them.

I am running into another problem. If I change anything in conf file on server MongoDB stops working.

Kindly first provide solution for this.

Okay I’m off this topic now. You’re not providing enough detail or logs. Hopefully someone with more patience can support you.

Extremely sorry Chris. We are facing way too much problems at once. Trying to resolve it by ourselves.