MongoDB timeseries change stream support or any alternative

Hi, We recently updated to mongoDB 5 and have one more latest version of mongoDB 6.
We are storing data in time series introduced in mongo 5. We want to notify whenever new data from a particular IoT device. I have read that change stream is currently not supported for time series so is there any alternative for change streams for time series collection.

Hi @Patrik_Lindergren welcome to the community!

I believe your question is answered in the thread: collection.Watch for time series

However there is a suggestion in the MongoDB Feedback Engine regarding this subject: Change streams and Triggers for Time Series Collections – MongoDB Feedback Engine and at the moment the status of the idea is Planned so you might want to keep an eye on this.

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Hi @kevinadi, Thanks for update on the change streams
But any timeline that this feature will be implemented?
As of now to simulate change streams we are calling API at regular intervals which gets latest data received from IoT devices and we have like already more than 500+ devices sending data and we need latest data to updated on UI, and this is creating too much load on servers so any suggestions on how to improve without change streams

Unfortunately I cannot say beyond that it is being planned, since it would be prioritized by the product team in relation with other planned improvements on the server.

Regarding workaround, is the linked topic’s potential solution not working out for you?

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Hi @kevinadi,
We tried the solution in a bit different way and seems to work, but we have to create a duplication collection kinda so it would be much easier if we have change streams on time-series database to reduce data duplication