MongoDB text search works for registered trademark(®) but not for unregistered trademark(™)

I have text Index on Name field of a collection. When I search for “clic”, it returns documents having names as “Clic®” or “Clic-” but not the one with “Clic™”. Is there any reason why Text Search would work for ® but not for ™ ? Please help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Prajakta_Sawant1 ,

For me the example worked as expected:

I used the standard lucene dynamic mapping index.

Perhaps you used a diffrerent analyser or indexing attributes?


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Thank you replying @Pavel_Duchovny

It probably works fine in Atlas. But I am trying to do this via C# code where I am facing this issue. Any particular reason why it would not work for C# application?

Thank you!

@Prajakta_Sawant1 ,

Interesting can you share the code and its outcome here?