MongoDB Text Index are not getting created

Hi Community Members,

We are trying to create the text indexes on our already created collections. We have text based search and aggregate takes 3 seconds to fetch just a set of 10 records.
We tried creating indexes with below MongoDB compass, nodejs (mongoose), python(pymongo) but in all the cases, index is not getting created. MongoDB deployed on AWS, collection is having only one document, but still index is not created.

Your inputs will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for the support!

Hi Community Members,

Your responses will be much appreciated on this.


Hi @Bharat_Gupta2,

There is not enough information here to determine or narrow down what may be causing the issue you have described. Can you supply the following details:

  1. MongoDB version
  2. Deployment information (self hosted or on MongoDB Atlas)
  3. Any errors being received when indexes are attempted to be created
  4. How you are verifying the index is not being created
  5. What is the command being issued to create the index
  6. Output of db.collection.getIndexes()

In addition to the above information, can you also elaborate on the text based search / aggregation? Please provide the operation used in this case.