MongoDB/Testing Ubuntu Repo Bionic/Focal Switched

The following URL contains Focal configuration data (wrong)

Origin: mongodb
Label: mongodb
Suite: focal
Codename: focal/mongodb-org
Architectures: amd64 i386
Components: multiverse

And the same for the following URL containing Bionic configuration information (wrong)

Origin: mongodb
Label: mongodb
Suite: bionic
Codename: bionic/mongodb-org
Architectures: amd64 i386 s390x arm64
Components: multiverse

To be honest it’s been difficult to use the MongoDB repos for a while now. Be good to set up testing before publishing. Need help?


Welcome to the community @Shane_Spencer!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention – I let our packaging team know about the errors.

We generally have automated testing in place for builds and releases, but I’m not familiar with our current release automation set up. Although you are using the testing branch, this should have been an avoidable issue as part of our post-release testing.


hi @Shane_Spencer,
Thank you again for finding this issue. We found the underlying problem and fixed it. We are currently working on process improvements to avoid issues like this.


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