Mongodb slowness issue

Hi, We are facing some issue with the sloweness of Mongodb in prod. We opted for M30 in Atlas, did index to all our collections, consumed 3.8gb of RAM. Is remaining 4.2GB of RAM will be sufficient to do queries like aggregate, find etc?. Right now at some peek time we are facing this sloweness, indexed queries itself taking more time to return document. Do we need to revisit and retune our queries or do we need to upgrade our instance?

Hi @Manjunath_Anantharaj,

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I believe this question is best covered by Atlas support as we need to look into your clusters specific workload andn metrics.

However, please bare in mind that the instance memory is not consumed solely by WiredTiger engine or MongoDB.

So if you confirm that your indexes and data model is optimal you need to understand which resources draw you back.

If its CPU and/or memory you should scale to a bigger instance otherwise you might need to scale storage.