MongoDB Serverless Instances

Hi all,
I am currently using the Serverless Atlas deployment. The application i am trying to run on it, has many update operations on multiple collections. I am running a loadtest on my application and I am generating a constant load of 100-200 VU per second on the application and each thread perform 2 or 3 update operations. I am facing timeouts(as the database is taking a much longer time to perform designated task) after around 25-30 seconds the test starts, and then the timeout stops happening after around 240 seconds, same happens again after a considerable amount of load on the server. I am assuming that the database scales up, during that time which is around 3 minutes.

My question is, is that the standard scale up time required for serverless deployments? Should it happen faster, vis-à-vis is this a configuration malfunction?
Also, given a constant rate of traffic I am assuming on my application, does that mean i should look for dedicated deployments and not serverless?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Abhinaba_Mitra and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

To improve my comprehension of the workflow, it would be greatly beneficial if you could assist me with the following information:

  1. What does the VU mean in the above sentence.
  2. Can you share a reproducible code which could help me to replicate what you are experiencing?
  3. If you have tested the same workload on an M0 tier cluster (or other non-serverless clusters)
  • If yes, please advise if the same behaviour was experienced
  • When experiencing the “timeouts”, can you help me with the error message seen ?

As mentioned in the MongoDB Serverless documentation

Serverless is a next-gen cloud-native development model that allows developers to build applications and run code without thinking about server provisioning, management and scaling.

In saying so, when you are on a serverless architecture, scaling up or down is never a consideration.

Lastly, can you also help me understand, what server is being implied here, an app server or a database server?


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