MongoDb Serverless instance connection with Mongoose Js

Hello All,

I am shifting from MongodbCloud atlas M10 cluster to Serverless Intance, My project has developed using mongooseJs,

I have done all the setup in serverless instance, but when I am connecting to serverless instance from my node application, I am getting below error,

MongoParseError: Load balancer mode requires driver version 4+

Can someone please help me understand what exactly I need to upgrade to make the connection from my nodeJs application.


Hi @Aliasgar_Bharmal,

It seems like you are encountering an error while trying to connect to an Atlas Serverless instance with an outdated version of the Node.js driver.

To connect to Atlas Serverless, you will need at least version 4.1.0 of the Node.js driver (as noted in the Minimum Driver Versions for Serverless Instances document). Additionally, if you are using Mongoose, you will need version 6.0 or newer, which depends on the 4.1.x MongoDB Node.js driver.

Can you please provide more information about your setup, including the following:

  • The version of Node.js you are using,
  • The version of the MongoDB Node.js driver you are using,
  • The version of Mongoose you are using.


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