MongoDB-scala Codec fromProvider and empty list

I am in process of updating and older backend using MongoDB-scala 4.7 and am tinkering with using codec macros for mapping to/from Document and case class. Current solution is using json to and from documents and is working well.

It appears that the macro fromProviders works well and handles Some/None but I am unable to get it to work in instance where one of the case class fields is a list which can be empty - all I get is messages can’t be found where case class is

Contrived example case class (All four cases classes are included in setting up Codec.

case class ModuleUpates(
  device: Option[DeviceUpates] = None, 
  messages: List[MessageUpdates] = Nil, 
  firmwareUpdates: Option[FirmwareUpdates] = None)

If device or firmwareUpdates work as expected whether field is set or not, but if messages is not present then I get error message that field messages is missing.

Appreciate any input.