MongoDB Ruby driver team office hours - September 17 14:30 UTC

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to announce the first MongoDB Ruby driver team office hours Zoom meeting. It is scheduled for Friday September 17 at 14:30 UTC.

To join, please use the Zoom meeting ID: 7046652272

If you have any prepared questions, please add them to this discussion thread so that we may work on a response in advance of the meeting.

We have updated our roadmap (Mongoid / Ruby Driver Tentative Roadmap - Google Docs) and would like to hear your thoughts on it.

We currently intend to hold these meetings monthly. Recognizing that the Ruby community is global, we would like to keep open the possibility of rotating the time to give all users and contributors opportunity to attend.


Awesome stuff, Oleg! Can’t wait to participate!

For anyone who needs help with pesky timezone math, here is a handy link that will show you what 14:30 UTC means in your time zone. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Note to self, it’s also on the top of the event posting. Handy! :smiley:


That was great! Thanks so much for hosting!

Here are some notes I took, in case it is helpful:

@Dmitry_Rybakov stepped through the roadmap, outlining that the next priority of the Mongoid team for the next release is MONGOID-3795: Clarify/improve order of callback invocation on embedded associations vs host documents, to help achieve behaviour parity with ActiveRecord, which most Rails developers will be more familiar with.

John, who uses Mongoid extensively for his company, also joined the call, and confirmed that this would be a great next thing to work on. He advocated that when prioritizing the Mongoid roadmap, go with “Principle of Least Surprise.” :smiley: In other words, where there’s an existing pattern/expectation established by Rails, go with that behaviour unless there’s a good reason to deviate. Failure to do so tends to result in subtle bugs because developers make assumptions around how the code ought to be working.

As a secondary push, feature parity with the MongoDB core capabilities was called out as an important area of focus. For example, Decimal128, and especially Field-Level Encryption. Less interesting was building additional chainable wrappers around the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline, for example, because there’s already an API for that. Support for FLE needs some internal discussion, because it is not something that the Community version of MongoDB supports—only Enterprise—but ideally this limitation would not be handled on the driver side, but rather the server side (for example, erroring out upon insert/update if the wrong version of MongoDB was used).

The Mongoid team would also love the community’s help in prioritizing the list of potential features that could be worked on at MONGOID-4764: Mongoid Feature Backlog (Note: there is currently a bug that prevents logged-out users from viewing the list; we will work to get that fixed up. :)) — if anything in there speaks to you, feel free to indicate so!

Keep your eyes peeled for further activity on Mongoid GitHub Discussions to continue the conversation. We’ll do another one of these in about a month!