MongoDB Replications with filtering few statements like DELETE/DROP

Questions for the day :

  1. Can we filter few statements ( like delete/ drop ) at MongoDB replication ( i.e., Primary – to – One Secondary ) Possible ? Not delayed secondaries - we want to complete filter them so that they don’t replicate. That’s Client requirement ! :slight_smile:

  2. Can we add our OnPrem servers to Cloud/Atlas Manager ( Not OpsManager ) without migrating to it ? Possible ? Even this is another Client requirement :slight_smile:

  • Srinivas

Hi @Srinivas_Mutyala,

  1. As of today, this isn’t possible because your secondary can become Primary if your Primary goes down and this would “revive” deleted data or dropped collections. Also if you set your read preference to anything but “Primary” you would have inconsistant reads as you would read from the Primary or any of the Secondaries. This just wouldn’t work.

  2. Hard no. Atlas is a fully managed service. The machines provisioned are completely under control so MongoDB can perform security updates, OS upgrades and MongoDB tasks (update MongoDB, perform a backup), or even perform more “dramatic” tasks like remove a broken node from the config, order and setup a new machine to take over and replace the broken node. All this automation is only possible within a controlled environment (ie the 3 cloud providers we offer today). These machines are also out of reach for the client so they can’t interfere with the automation or perform destructive admin commands.


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