MongoDB replica set on Raspberry Pis

This post is not, unlike the others I have made so far, to ask some question, it is more to share what I’ve done. With the help of some people (on this site) who have answered a few of my questions on the way to make it possible.

I have created a tutorial to show how to run a mongoDB replica set on two Raspberry Pis. I hope the subject will sound interesting enough, so that some people go and read.

I would be very happy to get some feedback. If you read in order to learn then let me know if something is not clear. If you already have a good idea on how to do, then let me know if you think I am not doing something the right way.

Searching the net for resources concerning MongoDB on Raspberry Pi, gives some results, but with replica sets there are rather rare.

Here is the URL to access my tutorial:

Happy reading !

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