MongoDB remote job is it possible?


I like all MongDB related subjects, so i was looking for a job that i mainly do MongoDB related things.
But most jobs online in Greece look for mainly nodejs programmers, or data engineers that mostly do SQL programming.

So i thought to see about remote jobs in another country that ask mainly for MongoDB.

Do you have any experience with those, has anyone worked in mainly MongoDB related job in remote way? Is it possible?

Thank you

Hello @Takis,

I also like working with MongoDB database. I have a limited exposure and experience learning MongoDB and working with it.

Most of the work related to a somewhat specialized database (a document based NoSQL database, and a modern one too) like MongoDB is likely to be part of a larger project - like an app (for example, of MERN stack), a data science or data processing project. These will involve other aspects like a platform (e.g., NodeJS, Python), programming languages (e.g., JavaScript, Java), tools (e.g., presentation, querying, processing, data loading), etc. So, there is possibility “just MongoDB only work” might be limited (but, I may not be correct also).

Yes, you can find small projects, and gigs for just specific aspects like, for example data querying, on the international freelancing sites. You can try looking up online, and maybe join one of them and try and get a feel of it. Another thing you can consider is, partnering with other freelancers and provide your specialized service in a larger project.


Yassou @Takis !

What sort of MongoDB-related roles are you considering and what tech skills are you hoping to leverage?

Roles requiring Node.js sound likely to be development focus whereas those asking for SQL are probably DBA or data science.

I’m not sure about the requirements for working remotely from Greece, but I gather this is more straightforward for EU citizens working in EU countries. Anecdotally I also think companies have more flexibility for remote work since the pandemic.

most jobs online in Greece look for mainly nodejs programmers, or data engineers that mostly do SQL programming.

I’m not familiar with local/regional job boards for Greece, but as one data point LinkedIn seems to have 500+ jobs mentioning MongoDB in Greece (~150 remote). A quick skim suggests Python & Java are also very popular, if Node.js isn’t one of your strengths or interests.

FYI MongoDB also has roles open to Remote EMEA. If there isn’t anything suitable at the moment, definitely worth checking back regularly for new roles or joining the MongoDB Talent Community for updates.



Thank you both for the reply and the links.

I am not expert in MongoDB, but i enjoyed it the most, so i was just thinking those alternatives.

  • MERN stack , MongoDB (focus on the application also not only the database related code)
  • Data engineer, MongoDB Apache-Spark etc
    I dont know how much MongoDB will be used, most of those tools, are sql like
    and many incude analytics, statistics etc
  • MongoDB mainly (like mongodb expert)
    question was about this, because looks hard to get like MongoDB only job in Greece
    Oracle only for example you can get, job in Greece. But remote MongoDB maybe possible.
  • MongoDB mainly and othe JSON related stores, like elastic-search or SQL(relational) ones with some ORM to feel more programmable(for example Prisma offers a JSON like query language similar to MongoDB), like focus on datastores mostly.

Those 4 i was thinking, as alternatives.
All those are fine to me, except the second if not MongoDB is used, and i end up doing statistics and data science.

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