MongoDB Realm, No Code and the Data API Stream fixes!

Hello community!

To whoever watched our latest stream with @Luce_Carter will notice that we had issues creating a post request from Appgyver no code platform to a realm HTTPS endpoint:

I’ve found the issue which was the fact that body should be passed as formula setting with a json object as its value:

As you can see when I passed a document like:

 "collection" : "messages",
 "database" : "ChatApp",
 "document" : {
       "groupName" : "My New Group"

Document was successfully applied.

I’ve then used the “Create Record” api to be triggered when messges are send and set a formula like the following:

{"database":"ChatApp","collection":"messages","document":{"user":appVars.Username,"message":pageVars.CurrentMessage,"groupName":params.CurrentGroup }}

As you can see I create a message documents with appVars.Username , pageVars.CurrentMessage , `params.CurrentGroup`` values.

Now everything works as expected, and I have uploaded a working version on the realm hosting website here:

Messages are deleted after 1 hour, feel free to chat but please be polite and mind your language :slight_smile: If I will notice that the website is being somehow abused I will disable it.


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