MongoDB realm and Stripe integration

Hello all,

I have a small application that I would like to add a payment feature to. So far I am hosting all app components on Atlas as it is all nicely in one place etc.

I would like to use Stripe as the payment provider. Stripe however requires that some code is run on your own backend for security reasons. They offer certain libraries to do that - but it seems like none of them are really usable out of the box on MongoDB realm / atlas. For example, there is a node.js library - but function dependencies are still in beta, there is a package limit of 10MB so that really cant be used. Looking at their example I would have though I could just implement a few webhooks that my frontent app can call, the webhooks would communicate with Stripe APIs to e.g. create a payment intent etc. I can however find no examples on the web either.

Has anyone on here have any experience of integrating stripe with MongoDB Realm without any additional infrastructure? … any pointers welcome!


Hi @stephan_uk , welcome to the community forum!

It’s not been touched in a couple of years, but I did create a sample e-commerce app where the backend Realm app used the Stripe API: GitHub - mongodb-appeng/eCommerce-Realm: The backend portion of the MongoDB eCommerce reference app

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