MongoDB && RDBMS

Hello, The reason why I want to open this topic is because I feel the need to clarify many doubts that have arisen from reading other people’s experiences during the last years about why we should not choose MongoDB for a serious project.

I am going to speak a little first from my experience, I built an e-commerce app that has many relationships, strongly defined entities and that probably would not change over time, for obvious reasons SQL is the first option that came to mind. Then I had the opportunity to work with MongoDB, which from my perspective is more of a general-purpose database than what is called NOSQL, and I obtained similar results, although with more verbosity than SQL. The concern is that in the long run this could become a bad choice and I don’t know why there is this feeling of pessimism, I know there has been a lot of progress in mongodb in the last few years and you guys have developed features like Atlas Search which is great for a product like the one we are developing. In conclusion, I would like to know about projects that have chosen Mongodb as a general purpose database, not only to store nested documents but also for relationships, a requirement that cannot be replaced by reverse engineering alone.

I would also like to take advantage of this space to tell you that there are many functions of Atlas only for AWS that I would also like to be enabled for Google Cloud, an example is triggers, I also see a favoritism for javascript, graphql and their ecosystem, I am sure that I can choose other languages and technologies like (golang, python, grpc, rest, etc.) will make Mongodb a better technology for everyone.

Thanks for reading, PS: I have basic English but I do my best to write it well.

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