Mongodb process stopped itself and restarted itself

Hi there, This might be long to explain. We have a single mongodb instance that we use for production. but last night during off hours around 2 dec 11:09 pm the process stopped itself. I’m able to confirm this with my Grafana dashboard as around 2.3 GB of RAM was released. Now this continued till 3 dec 5:30 am next morning and it came back up again. Now this is confusing because exactly at that time we run a CRON job to create the backup of this DB. and as I can see that the process ran successfully and i have the backup file in my storage.

Now I’m unable to track what could be the reason behind it. as I see no OOM messages in my logs. So i was wondering if you have tracked any such thing before? or any way I can track this issue down?

So far I have checked the messages log in EC2 instance and the mongodb logs itself. The instance has 8GB of RAM and normally its overall consumption is 3 GB of RAM on average daily.

Let me know if you need anymore details. I want to go down to the bottom of this issue. I dont want this issue to come back in our working hours.

Hi @Vibhanshu_Biswas

Please provide mongodb version, os version and installation method(package manager vs package files vs tarball)

If you are using systemd you should also check journalctl around that time for leads.