MongoDB PHP Library 1.15.0 Released

The PHP team is happy to announce that version 1.15.0 of the MongoDB PHP library is now available. Note that version 1.14.0 has been intentionally skipped to restore version parity between the library and extension.

Release Highlights

New examples/ and tools/ directories have been added to library repository, which contain code snippets and scripts that may prove useful when writing or debugging applications, respectively. These directories are intended to supplement the library’s existing documentation, and will be added to over time.

Various backwards compatible typing improvements have been made throughout the library. Downstream impact for these changes are discussed in Additionally, Psalm has been integrated for static analysis going forward.

This release upgrades the mongodb extension requirement to 1.15.0.

A complete list of resolved issues in this release may be found in JIRA.


Documentation for this library may be found in the PHP Library Manual.


This library may be installed or upgraded with:

composer require mongodb/mongodb:1.15.0

Installation instructions for the mongodb extension may be found in the documentation.


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