Mongodb ops manager don't monitor several instances from different project at the same hosts correctlly

I use mms to monitor mongodb cluster just ( include shard-cluster and replset )
several instances at a host that belong to different replset and different project, some project’ monitor don’t work correctly
mmsgroupid is the same , that means all the instance monitored by zhe mms agent shoud to be on the same project , do i misunderstand it ? i want to start multi agent , but the lock file’s path is same and it can’t define by the cfg , so the lock file is mutually exclusive
do u have any way to resolve or i misunderstand ? help ! thanks !

Hi @feng_deng,

Thank you for your question! Can you help me better understand your situation? Ops Manager does support several projects running on the same host, however, it will require separate agents and separate config files for each project. If you’re saying that the mmsgroupid is the same, that may be a misconfiguration.


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