MongoDB on Server 2012R2

Hi, Is MongoDB supported for Windows Server 2012 ?

Thank you

Hi @Luke_Skywalker1,

The MongoDB Production Notes include the supported operating systems for each MongoDB server release series.

According to this reference, Windows Server 2012 is supported In MongoDB 3.6 through 4.2. Server versions older than MongoDB 3.6 are end of life and no longer receive maintenance or security updates. MongoDB 3.6 also reaches end of life this month (April 2021), so MongoDB 4.0 or 4.2 are more recommendable choices.

For a new installation I would choose the latest version of MongoDB available for your operating system and the latest minor release in that series. For Windows Server 2012, that would currently be MongoDB 4.2.13.

If you want to use MongoDB 4.4 (the latest production release series), you will need Windows Server 2016 or newer as your O/S.


Hi @Stennie,

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