MongoDB ODBC configuration doesnt work


I have a mongodb container in my server, and Im trying to connect from ssis. Well, my problem is that when I fill the configuration with the ip address of my server where Im running my container with mongo, and then I test the connection I received the following message: 'Lost connectoin to MySAL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error:0.

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Hi @Niskeydi_Michel,

Please can you provide some more detail about your setup? For example, MongoDB doesn’t support ODBC unless you’re also running the BI connector which emulates a MySQL server on top of a MongoDB server - but you don’t mention this in your question.

The fact that you’re running MongoDB inside a container also adds some complexity - for example if you haven’t set up authentication in MySQL then it probably won’t be accessible from outside of the container (although that may not be a problem if you are running the BI Connector)