MongoDB ODBC 1.4.2 Unicode Driver doesn't respond on local machine

I’m using MongoDB ODBC 1.4.2 Unicode Driver to create a DSN on local machine to establish connection to MongoDB. I have tried the ANSI driver too. But somehow the connection freezes.
I tried JDBC connection which is a success. I tried MongoDB Database tools Mongoimport utility which is a success. But ODBC connection freezes up. Th port, server everything is up.
Can someone please help out. I need this DSN connection on local to be used in informatica to import a collection.


Im also able to connect via MongoDB Compass. So the connections are all good.

Looks like no help is available from MongoDB.

Have you tried updating to the latest release, v1.4.5

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Unfortunately this is the only driver available in our software library. I see 1.4.2 is compatible with MongoDB server version : Version is 6.0.13 .

Do you have any error logs?